Haitian American community Church of Silicon Valley welcomes you

478 Piercy Rd (Chapel 250), San Jose, CA 95138
Every Sunday from 12:30-2:30 PM (Pacific Time)
3:30-5:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Church Blog

The Power of Forgiveness

How many times a loved one has hurt you? How many times a coworker has made you feel bad? How many times someone you sacrificed for has hurt you and will continue to hurt you if allowed? How many times someone had lied about you and made you feel insignificant?  How many times? How many times? And the answer will be just as often.  But did you also know that you need to forgive these wrongdoers? You may say, Dr.…

Being the Best isn’t about Beating the Competition

Once upon a time, a young boy named Jack lived in a small village at the foot of a mountain. Jack was an ordinary boy, but he had a burning desire to be the best he could be. He wanted to be the strongest, fastest, and most skilled person in his village. Jack spent every waking moment training and practicing. He would wake up early every morning and run up and down the mountain, trying to build his endurance. Then,…

Don’t Proselytize, but instead Live like Christ

“Don’t proselytize, but instead live like Christ” is a powerful statement that encapsulates a fundamental aspect of Christian teachings. While it’s important to share one’s faith with others, forcing or pressuring others to convert can be counterproductive and may even drive people away from Christianity. Matthew 7:16,” By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? “ Living like Christ, on the other hand, means embodying his values of love, compassion, humility, and…

I'm New Here

but not alone, so we welcome you to visit this Sunday…

“It was at that moment that I gave my life to Christ. My life has not been the same since then.”

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Haitian American Community Church of Silicon Valley.

When you visit us you can expect warm welcome, hope, belonging, comfort and Joy from God grace among us. And, following the Worship service, you will enjoy some Haitian foods with us. We can’t wait to meet you.