Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders


Dr. Milliardaire Syverain

Dr. Milliardaire Syverain Junior is married to Yves-Renee (Jeremie) Syverain. The couple has one child (Milliardaire Yves Rashid Kwame Syverain, III).  Dr. Syverain is a practicing internist in Silicon Valley.  He graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine in 1993.  Since 2003 he had led the church in the capacity of church committee administrator, public relations, preacher, community organizer, and physician. He became an ordained minister on Feb 8, 2014.    
Music Director – Preacher

Pierre Simon Napoleon

PIANIST – PREACHER-MUSIC DIRECTOR Pierre Simon Napoleon is married to Rachelle (Merone) Napoleon. The couple has two young children (Odlarry Napoleon and Mavan Napoleon). Brother Napoleon is our music director. He is also an assistant preacher and secretary of the church committee.
Community Liaison


Jeanne (Mosite) Simon is married to Jerome Simon.  They have two children (Jeanane Simon and Jerome Simon Junior).  She is a member of the church committee.  She is called the mother of the Haitian American community in Silicon Valley.  The Church was born in November 2003 at her house in San Jose after a prayer session led by Pastor Samuel Jeremie

Maurice Merone

TREASURER- DEACON-FINANCE Maurice Merone is married to Madeleine Merone. The couple has five children Adele (Merone) Saint Surin, Myriam (Merone) Auguste, Frantz Merone, Rachelle (Merone) Napoleon, and Sarah (Merone) Damaryam. Brother Merone is the church treasurer and deacon.