About Us

About Us

Who we are

The Haitian American Community Church of Silicon Valley is a Nondenominational Christian Church. It is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, California). 

Our church commits to genuine fellowship within our Christian family. We do outreach work to the broader community of Silicon Valley as well. We delight in shining the Love of Christ. When you visit us, you will get a very warm welcome.  Your mind will feel peace, hope, belonging, comfort, and joy from God’s grace among us. 


The Haitian American Community Church of Silicon Valley was born in November 2003.  It took place at Sister Jeannie Simon’s house in San Jose after a prayer session led by Pastor Samuel Jeremie.  After a prayer session, we decided to begin a church service at Dr. Syverain’s medical office in San Jose. By the end of May 2004, we had moved to our current location at 2840 Aborn Road, San Jose, CA 95135. The church was incorporated in the State of California on October 26, 2005.   

Our first preacher was Neville Reid. He obtained a master’s degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University in 1989. He led our Bible studies from 2003 to 2006. 

Jean Moise Angervil became our first pastor from 2006 till his retirement in 2007. He passed away on March 27, 2010. 

Our second pastor was Madsen Celestin.  He began his ministry in our church in the spring of 2009 till January 2014. 

Dr. Syverain had led the church in the capacity of administrator and preacher since 2003. He became an ordained minister on Feb 8, 2014. 

Over the years we had three visiting Pastors: Edner Eloi, Rene Urquia, and Samuel Jeremie

Preachers: Neville Reid and Ronald Lamarre.

Brother Pierre Simon Napoleon had been our assistant preacher since 2009. 

Jean Applys Cherizol was our pastor until January 2022.  He began his ministry at the Haitian American Church of Silicon Valley in December 2018. 

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