Jean applys Cherizol

Jean applys Cherizol


Pastor Jean Apply Cherizol is married to Yonie (Saint-Hilaire) Cherizol.  The couple has one child (Lael Cherizol).  


Pastor Jean Applys Cherizol was born in Deschamps, Jean-Rabel, Haiti. He was born to a Christian family. His father and his grandfather were preachers of the Baptist Mission in Haiti. 

During his childhood, Jean always accompanied his father in all his church activities. He always had a love for the word of God. As a child, Jean read the entire Bible twice. Even before his theological studies, Pastor Jean has had a good grasp of the word of God. 

At the age of 12, his parents were visited by a missionary group from Gonaives (4 hours’ drive to Jean’s parent’s house). The group informed Jean’s parents that God had chosen their last son (Jean) for his holy ministry. After his call, Jean continued his normal life as a simple believer who attended the church. Later on, God repeated His call to him during two other occasions, in the presence of many witnesses. 

Though Jean was born to a Christian family, it took him a while to decide.  He was 17 when he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. Soon after, he got baptized. 

In 2000, Jean moved to Port-au-Prince to continue his secondary studies. He joined the Evangelical Church of the United Brothers of Juvénat, where he became one of the Sunday school teachers.  He functioned as superintendent and member of the Committee of that church for many years. Later on, Jean joined the Baptist Church of Thomassin, where he served in different Leadership positions. 

As an Electronic Engineer, Jean used his computer skills to the benefit of many churches. He helped several institutions in Haiti and abroad in building websites.   He held many conferences among the churches emphasizing the negative influence of information technologies on evangelical Christians. 

Pastor Jean studied theology at The Evangelical Theological Seminary of Port-au-Prince (STEP), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree (B.Th.). One year later, Pastor Jean became an ordained minister at the First Baptist Church of Port-au-Prince. 

Pastor Jean is passionate about the original meaning of biblical texts. He loves expository sermons and appreciates these words of  Apostle Paul to Timothy.  “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. » 2 Tim 2: 2 


Pastor Jean volunteered as Associate Pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Novato, California. He worked there from October 2017 to August 2018.

In December 2018, Pastor Jean moved to the Silicon Valley area and became the Pastor of The Haitian American Community Church of Silicon Valley. Besides his pastoral ministry, he also works in the Hi-tech industry in Silicon Valley.  During his first year ministry at The Haitian American Community Church of Silicon Valley, Pastor Jean taught the various literary genres of the Bible. These studies aimed at helping the believer to meditate on biblical texts according to their original meaning.  The believer could draw practical and relevant personal applications. His different sermons and teachings are Christ-centered and encourage believers to share God’s vision by being like Christ and practicing brotherly love